Monday, November 13, 2017

Keep Calm and Read On

Global Read Aloud
The primary students in Mrs. Damignani’s class, Ms Edwards and Mrs. Valks’ class and Mr. vonAlthen’s class have been participating in the Global Read Aloud- reading books by Australian author Mem Fox.  They have collaboratively created a video sharing research information they obtained about some of the Australian animals that Mem Fox included in the books we have read.  The grade 2 students searched for images of the animal they chose to study, saved the image to the camera roll on an iPad, scanned QR codes, and recorded their learning using an app called Chatterpix Kids.  
We still have 3 weeks to go and are hoping we have an opportunity to connect with another class participating in this program.  
Simcoe County Read Aloud- Reading is better together
Our entire junior division is participating in the Simcoe County Read Aloud.  
These students have been reading the book “Wonder” by R.J. Palocia.  If you are interested in finding out more about this amazing book follow this link to watch the trailer for the book- Wonder trailer.
This book has been made into a movie and we are hoping to take our students to see this movie, as a culminating task, when it hits theatres in November!     

PVPS Book Hospital
As the wet and soon to be snowy weather approaches please assist your child in protecting our library books. Books that have come in contact with any type of liquid can not go back onto our library shelves and unfortunately need to be replaced.  We encourage students to transport books to and from school in a plastic bag placed inside their backpacks.  Also, from time to time accidents happen with our library books both at home and at school.  If a page is accidentally torn please do not attempt to fix this at home but rather have your child return the book to school with the page marked.  It is important that proper repair materials are used to fix our library books if they are to last and be available for our students.  Thank you for your cooperation with this situation.

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