Sunday, October 23, 2016

Transforming Our Library

September is always a time of new adventures and learning and this is very true for our library at Portage View this year.
The week before our students arrived at school, time was spent determining just how to change the physical space of the library to create a space where students could collaborate, access materials, conduct research and would foster a growth mindset.  After a conversation with another teacher about the area that was currently being used as a circulation desk (for students to check books in and out), the possibility of transforming this space into our new Makerspace was born (thank you Mrs. Rankka for being my collaborative colleague).  This large tiled area is bordered on two sides by counters cupboards and some drawers.  The space has always been an issue as there was no line of sight into the actual library from this area.  So at the end of August the transformation began to take place.  Here are a few pictures of the remodeling in progress.

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